Retirement Planning

The first webpage went live in 1991 – today, you can hold all of the internet in the palm of your hand.

Cars have been around for 130 years, but today you have electric cars that practically drive themselves.

With all of these drastic changes in technology, how are all the questions about retirement still the same?
  • How much do I need to retire?
  • Can I afford the lifestyle I want?
  • How can I ensure I don’t run out?

We help answer those questions to not only reduce the anxiety of retirement, but eliminate it.

Our strategies don’t involve the sale of annuities or permanent life insurance.

Online, there will be pages and pages with free “retirement calculators”. Have you ever gotten something good for free with no strings attached?

We use advanced calculations to take your exact situation and give you a completely individual answer. Of the two that we use, one analysis uses advanced statistics to see the likelihood of what you can spend in retirement without running out of money. The other uses a calculation that billion-dollar pension funds use which will give you an income that is guaranteed to last the rest of your life.

“Independent” and “Fiduciary” are two concepts coming up in the news more frequently. We are independent from any corporate influence, and having been fiduciaries since 1982 means we have always put the best interest of our clients ahead of our own. (Seems like that should be the norm right? Too many times we see others don’t practice in that way).

What other questions come up in retirement?

What’s the best time to take Social Security?

Should you take the lump sum, or monthly pension payout (and should you elect survivor benefits)?

Is reducing the amount of stocks in your investments going to improve or reduce your odds of a successful retirement?

Your investment property is generating cash, but if you sell it, will it help or hurt your situation?

How should you claim your stock options?

Is there an inheritance in your future? How much will that help?

Can you retire early before being able to claim Social Security?

Should you take money out of your IRA or your after-tax investments first? Is there a combination of the two that can reduce taxes?

Should you use that Home Equity Line of Credit in retirement for bigger purchases, or is there a better way?

Bourbon or Wine tonight? (Oops, that’s only meant once all those other questions are answered).

You’ve been comfortable in saving your entire life – now you have to get comfortable in spending your hard earned savings. How? By knowing that you will not outlive your investments.

We can answer all of these questions – without a doubt. Take the first step and meet with us for an initial talk. There’s no pushy sales – just conversation on your unique retirement.

Martin Konsor
Woodfield Financial Advisors