Our Value

We find efficiencies in financial situations

Reduce risk
Minimize taxes
Maximize returns
Reduce costs

We make life’s transitions easy

Starting a new company
Having a child
Making large purchases
Loss of a loved one

Comprehensive financial planning

Analysis of current financial situation
Vision of ideal future
Simple steps on how to get there

Flexible fee schedule tailored to you

No charge initial meeting

Choice of fee style:
1% Fee on investments managed
Fixed fees per service
Hourly fees for advice

Our Process

When life events change, we seamlessly adjust to suit your needs

We learn about your goals

Create and Review
We collaborate and use our combined expertise to create and review your plan

We work with you to implement a step-by-step action plan

Continued service by phone, email, and in person.

Our Services

Business Owners

Business Owners have been leveraging our knowledge to add value at their companies for 30+ years. We provide full service investment strategies to minimize taxes and reduce risk.

  • Increase your pre-tax contributions
  • Attract and retain employees with attractive benefits
  • Explore 401k options – start a new plan or reduce expenses of an existing one
  • Buy-Sell Options and Insurance
Investment Strategy

Woodfield Financial Advisors offers unique strategies for investing that we have used successfully for over 30 years. We create a custom asset allocation model for our clients based upon their investment experience, risk tolerance level, retirement income needs, and time horizon.

Using no load mutual funds from Russell Investments and/or Capital Group we diversify on three levels to reduce risk and increase return. Your portfolio will contain many asset classes including US stocks, US Bonds, Real Estate, Commodities, Global Stocks, International Stocks, and others. They will be further diversified based on many factors such as growth, value, etc. Finally, a multi manager approach allows diversification to experts in the investing world.

Collectively, Russell and Capital Group manage and advise on over $5.5 trillion dollars for individuals, business owners, companies, governments, and non-profits. Our clients are able to take advantage of these world class strategies.

Tax Management

Various strategies to help you to minimize your current and future tax liability:

  • Tax managed investment portfolios
  • 401k deposit maximization and investment allocation
  • Tax deductible and tax free college savings programs
  • 403b, IRA, and SEP planning
  • RSU, ISO, and other equity compensation strategies
Retirement Planning

Set and achieve reasonable retirement income objectives. Together we will determine when you can retire comfortably. We will prepare a comprehensive retirement income analysis that will project how much income you can expect to receive without risk of running out of money. We will outline the steps that you need to take between now and your retirement to assure your success. We continue to support and adjust as needed throughout your retirement to ensure a comfortable lifestyle.

Insurance Planning

We find that most people only guess how much insurance they need. Some are over insured, and many are under insured. We offer a custom life insurance needs analysis that only uses your objectives. It is very specific – taking into consideration your personal goals for replacing all or a portion of your income, paying off the mortgage, funding children’s education etc. Once we’ve determined how much coverage you need, we see that you are providing it at the least possible cost utilizing individual and employer provided coverage.