Your investment accounts
are like apple trees

You're free to pick the fruit,
but never cut the branches

Sit back
and relax

Our experienced crew can get
you safely to your destination

Retire with confidence

We'll make sure you don't strike out

Don't keep all your eggs
in one basket

Diversify to reduce your risk

Your asset allocation is
like a cake recipe

The right ingredients, in proper proportion,
adjusted to suite your taste.

We serve anyone who has financial questions, and have extra specializations for Business Owners, Realtors, Engineers, Executives, and Those Who Come Into Sudden Money / Inheritances.

At Woodfield Financial Advisors, we believe in providing simple, independent advice for your complex financial needs. No financial jargon or complicated manuals. You tell us your goals and we create a step-by-step plan to achieve them.

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“Why do we have so many loyal individuals and business owners at Woodfield? Because we have always given them honest, solid financial advice. We look out for their best interest and focus on delivering good old fashioned personal attention.”

James B Dobbs

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